I sure do love a quirky accessory. Champagne bottle clip-on earrings! I’ll probably never wear them, but I will love them oh-so-much. @yazbukey #yazbubbles
09.11.14 /12:22/ 6
I’m so stoked on this! I picked out my favorite color combo (light pink, mint, white, gold and silver) from @brightlablights! The package is as pretty as the lights! Nicely done @ohhappyday. ✨✨
09.10.14 /19:39/ 6
Looks like I’m not the only one who admires our new custom art piece by our friend @megbiram! 💗
09.10.14 /15:20/ 5
Taking all about the shimmer collection & jewelry favorites from @cuyana today on @glitterguide. Someone else was a fan too! 😉 📷 by @emthegem #onggtoday #cuyana
09.09.14 /10:50/ 7
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